The Solutions

Your entire organization will benefit when decision-makers learn how to avoid misinformation traps and get the trustworthy customer, competitor and market facts they need.


Information Audits 

I will deliver a complete assessment of your organization’s knowledge-management standards and practices. It will tell you where you are doing well, where you need improvement, and where you need to be doing something entirely different. I will also examine the research you’ve been buying and tell you how you can get more value for the same money or less.



Decision-makers don’t need to be research experts to upgrade your organization’s knowledge-management IQ. In one day, they will learn : 

    • How to tell good research from bad.

    • What questions to ask and how to evaluate the answers you get. 

    • How to scope your research and allocate resources.

    • How to select, manage, and evaluate research vendors.

    • How to judge process rigor and output quality.