My name is David Allan Van Nostrand. For many years I designed and led research projects as a client and as a provider. I conducted hundreds of strategy, brand, segmentation, new product development, advertising, marketing, satisfaction, and loyalty studies for clients in Consumer Products, Technology, Travel and Tourism, Transportation, Food & Beverage, Packaged Goods, and many more categories.

Now I use these broad and deep experiences to help you avoid misinformation traps.


During my career as a research professional, I taught at Indiana University, the University of Miami, and the University of the West Indies, specializing in teaching MBAs how to tell good research from bad.


Each week I publish a new article at about issues of interest to anyone who uses information.


My books, Take A Closer Look: Learn to See Through Manipulations, Distortions and Fabrications, Volumes 1 and 2, are for everyone who knows there is more to the story than we generally get to hear.

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