Let me help you greatly improve the quality, reliability, and value of the consumer research your organization uses to make important business decisions.

My services are tailored to meet the special needs of each client: startups, rapidly growing organizations, established companies, investors, and boards of directors.


My name is David Allan Van Nostrand. For more than 30 years, I’ve been actively involved with hundreds of research projects for many major brands and with many research providers. Now I use these broad and deep experiences* to help you get dramatically better information than you are getting now.


During my career as a research professional, I taught at Indiana University, the University of Miami, and the University of the West Indies, specializing in teaching MBAs how to tell good research from bad.


Each week I publish a new article at LetsTakeACloserLook.com. These 3-minute reads are about issues of interest to anyone who uses information.


My book, Take A Closer Look: Learn to See Through Manipulations, Distortions and Fabrications, contains 50 lessons that illuminate significant issues for everyone who knows there is more to the story than we generally get to hear.

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Write to me directly: david@davidallanvan.com and we’ll set up a time for a one-on-one conversation to talk about the things you can do to see that your research always asks the right questions of the right people for the right reasons. 

* I’ve conducted hundreds of strategy, brand, segmentation, new product development, advertising, marketing, satisfaction, and loyalty studies for clients in Consumer Products, Technology, Travel and Tourism, Transportation, Food & Beverage, Packaged Goods, and many more categories.